The White Elephant

5:05 AM

I had a super-amazing trip. Though it just 4 days long. I went there with dad, mum, brother, and sister. My flight arrived in Bangkok at 11 am. Customs were cleared, baggage was claimed, and a taxi hailed at 12am. Thailand and half the world away would have to wait after this, yippie!
I woke up excited to be in Thailand for my first time. I pulled open the curtain in my hotel room and felt soooo excited. This is a common view in Bangkok. The town is a raging metropolis with horrendous traffic, smog, and buildings upon buildings. It's almost similar to the capital city of my country, Jakarta. Interspersed in the madness are over 400 Buddhist Temples. Each one is more amazing than the next with bright colors of red and gold, intricate detail, and golden statues of Buddha inside. I was so impressed by The Sleeping Budha. It was so impressive. 
On the next day, we spent a lot of the day cruising around Bangkok stuck in traffic seeing incredible temples, went to few malls (Siam Center, Siam Paragon, Siam Discovery p.s : they were at the same line!)
I never grew tired of the Thailand Temples or wats as they are called in Thai.
Taken by dad. It was so hot that I always wiped my sweat off.

Anybody would know this is a planned candid photo.

You may think I'm insane but I wish Doraemon was real and I was so fucking excited of seeing my all-time-favorite character.

An astonishing and super-big 'Sleeping Budha'. I felt like a microscopic creature

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