Thursday, February 19, 2015

New semester

I just entered my very first clinical semester today and, welcome to DMS. DMS stands for dermato-musculosceletal system, that scoped and focused on the study of skin, muscle, and skeleton. Sounded scary, seeing that this chapter and the forth would be so tough. The previous semester (FBS) talked about all the medical basic and perhaps that's the reason why they named it as FBS which stands for Fundamental of Biomedical Science (though I'm not really sure that it was only the basic). Accompanied by 14 cases with a little twist and yeah I've survived the SOCA anyway. The genetic and heredity system for the midterm, and hematology for the final exams. It ran very well lmfao. 
Anyway, the system for this semester is all brand new, especially for the tutorial class. It was only held twice a week, which leads us to take the self studies more often. Does it mean that we were less-maintained by the tutor? I have no idea. Perhaps yes, or no. The first case' (talking about Varicella) papers were handed out  earlier than the previous semester. Clinical semester was a bit challenging, it takes a lot of the prior knowledge from the previous semester. The remaining months of the freshman year are awaiting.