Sunday, April 19, 2015

Midterm, and SSS

Posting about starting the second half of this semester seems to be interesting. I've never guessed that 7 weeks of DMS would be that fast. All subjects for midtest have been passed, including my very first anatomy test. Let me tell you about my 2 sacred tests (according to my opinion)
Anatomy Test : I'm kinda nervous when taking the anatomy test, thinking that I'm not really good at that department. But guess what, the result went so satisfying! 
SOCA : The oral test was done on the third day of the exam week. The supervisor asked us to take any 'kertas undian' for SOCA. I felt like I was taking a lottery coupon and bam! The topic I got was "Atopic Dermatitis". Bad luck. I swear, this is the second time I got kinda shitty topic for SOCA. I felt like I was slapped, right on the face. I studied all the topic for almost a night long, EXCEPT Atopic Dermatitis. My brain was just like 'roll that shit.. light that shit.. smoke that shit..'. I murmured all the prayers while writing all the charts starting from the overview, 'indonesia raya', basic science, the drug treatment, and the patophysiology (LOL). I wrote the hypersensitivity scheme and those freaking mediators on the patophysiology paper. Then I entered the room for explaining all my charts. I surrender, at that time. Finally the score announcement time has come, and the doctor said that I got a very satisfying score for my presentation! It's an A :') right at that time, I believed that 'usaha nggak akan pernah bohong', makasih ya Allah. I was beyond relieved that the sacred test of DMS is finally over.