Saturday, January 21, 2017

Bromo - The A-Team!

Perhaps this is sort of #throwback post. I miss the trip already, when my college-mates and I were planning to go to Malang, on August 2015, tepatnya pas liburan naik tingkat, setelah berpusing-pusing ria menghadapi UAS Blok DMS-SSS waktu itu. So let's just start straightforwardly to the most highlighted-moment : catching sunrise at Mount Bromo! Headed to Bromo at 1 am, while it was still dark & super freezing that I could see my breath! We were brought to the summit by renting a Jeep.

* after we arrived *

The temperatures on Mount Bromo are outright cold at night, I didn't know the exact degree but I guess it's like around 5 celcius? Hats and gloves are important if you wish to survive in the cold, especially in the early-morning. I already worn 3 layers of top (shirt, sweater, and a coat) but it didn't warm me anyway.. The worst part of being so skinny, is that I'm just covered with bone and skin :') and finally my friend rented an additional jacket for me (saking kasiannya liat gue menggigil).

We waited for the sun to rise, for about 3 hours. It was a kind of siksaan buat gue, karena harus sabar menunggu di tempat sedingin itu. Demit. The summit itself was so full of cars and people, it's almost impossible to get a decent view.
Tapi akhirnya, semua siksaan ini terbayar saat matahari mulai terbit..


But still, to be totally honest, I fell in love with Bromo even before I arrived. I had seen pictures of it over the years on the internet, and I knew I'd love it. Subhanallah.

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