Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival 2017

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March's main highlight : went to Java Jazz Festival (JJF) 2017! This is one of my stuff bucket lists are made of and I could finally tick if off! I bought the ticket last year (in November 2016), at the first week when they sold the ticket on their website, when the lineups weren't even out and I got the 3 days-pass ticket for only 750k (the ticket's price after the lineups announcement is 1500k). Lucky me. 
This is the 4th time I went to Java Jazz Festival, after skipping it in 2016 *sigh*. The venue was as the same as the previous, at JIExpo Kemayoran, with a crowd capacity of more than a thousand people. For this year, they have 14 stages (consists of indoor and outdoor space) and the concept progresses from the previous years are quite impressive. A lot of the facilities and the crowd control have gotten better.

Here are the shows I watched (in no particular order) :

1. Mezzoforte. 
The songs they brought fitted well for the night and they did a wonderful job with their songs selection. You never knew what was coming next because these seasoned jazzheads had no hard and fast rule about what to play. It was indeed a great feeling of finally getting to see them LIVE after all this time I watched it only on Youtube lmao. 

2. Jazz Orchestra of the Concertgebouw feat. Dira Sugandi 
Dira Sugandi has wholly shown her mellifluous voice and successfully enthralled the crowd by reaching high notes in one of the song she brought. It combined beautifully with the orchestra's instruments. 

3. Andien Aisyah
I've been listening to Andien's soothing voice since I was in primary school, just because my sister kept playing her songs in her room. I didn't see a trace of tiredness on her at all, considering she just gave her all on that night. She brought her famous hits such as Gemintang, Milikmu Selalu, Sahabat Setia, and many more. In the middle of her performance, suddenly someone came out to the stage, he was TULUS! The best thing is that Tulus sang along with Andien, performing my all time-favorite song, "Gemintang" beautifully with his whole heart throughout the show. 

4. Gugun Blues Shelter 
GBS definitely pour out their music in the blues energy that will easily grab your taste in no time! The fun fact was, the audiences were mostly boys and meanwhile there are two little girls with hijab in the middle of the crowd, and that was me and Yaya.... Ya mau gimana lagi, I've been deeply in love with them since the first time I listened to their songs in high school, maka dari itulah gue nggak mau melewatkan kesempatan buat nonton mereka sampe puas secara live LMAOOO. This band knows how to combine many styles inside their heavy roaring blues style. Rock, blues, soul, all are incorporated into their music. They literally set the stage on 'fire' while singing Set My Soul on Fire, especially when Gugun did the solo part! 

5. Danilla Riyadi
I knew her from Java Jazz 2015 and Indielokal's Youtube Channel. Her first song that I listened to is "Ada Disana". The first time I heard her song, I swear to myself I'm gonna find her album. When you saw her on stage, you can see how she enjoys the song she sings, her glow, her honesty, and enjoy the stories behind her lyrics.

6. Incognito 
This British-acid jazz, soul, and funk band was like a magnet on that night, dragging almost all the audiences to watch their stage! The hall was so full with the crowd, and I've had the pleasure of seeing them live, especially in the front row. Best of the best. 


Actually there were more performances I've watched, but I didn't manage to take a single pic because I was too far away from the stage. That was incredibly fun to attend this must-come annual event, even when my feet were already aching from the continuous standing and walking. That's all. See you again in JJF 2018!

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