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After a long time finding the right platform to share my academic papers, finally I find 'em. Hope it helps, dear medical colleagues. Click here :

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival 2017

March's main highlight : went to Java Jazz Festival (JJF) 2017! This is one of my stuff bucket lists are made of. And I could finally tick if off! I bought the ticket last year (like literally in November 2016), at the first day when they sold the ticket on their website, when the lineups weren't even out and I got the 3 days-pass ticket for only 750k (the ticket's price after the lineups announcement is 1500k). Lucky me. 
This is the 4th time I went to Java Jazz Festival, after skipping it in 2016 *sigh*. The venue was as the same as the previous, at JiExpo Kemayoran, with a crowd capacity of more than a thousand people. For this year, they have 14 stages (consists of indoor and outdoor space) and the concept progresses from the previous years are quite impressive. A lot of the facilities and the crowd control have gotten better.

Here are the shows I watched (in no particular order) :

1. Mezzoforte. 
The songs they brought fitted well for the night and they did a wonderful job with their songs selection. You never knew what was coming next because these seasoned jazzheads had no hard and fast rule about what to play. It was indeed a great feeling of finally getting to see them LIVE after all this time I watched it only on Youtube lmao. 

2. Jazz Orchestra of the Concertgebouw feat. Dira Sugandi 
Dira Sugandi has wholly shown her mellifluous voice and successfully enthralled the crowd by reaching high notes in one of the song she brought. It combined beautifully with the orchestra's instruments. 

3. Andien Aisyah
I've been listening to Andien's soothing voice since I was in primary school, just because my sister kept playing her songs in her room. I didn't see a trace of tiredness on her at all, considering she just gave her all on that night. She brought her famous hits such as Gemintang, Milikmu Selalu, Sahabat Setia, and many more. In the middle of her performance, suddenly someone came out to the stage, he was TULUS! The best thing is that Tulus sang along with Andien, performing my all time-favorite song, "Gemintang" beautifully with his whole heart throughout the show. 

4. Gugun Blues Shelter 
GBS definitely pour out their music in the blues energy that that will easily grab your taste in no time! The fun fact was, the audiences were mostly boys and meanwhile there are two little girls with hijab in the middle of the crowd, and that was me and Yaya.... Ya mau gimana lagi, I've been deeply in love with them since the first time I listened to their songs in high school, maka dari itulah gue nggak mau melewatkan kesempatan buat nonton mereka sampe puas secara live LMAOOO. This band knows how to combine many styles inside their heavy roaring blues style. Rock, blues, soul, all are incorporated into their music. They literally set the stage on 'fire' while singing Set My Soul on Fire, especially when Gugun did the solo part! 

5. Danilla Riyadi
I knew her from Java Jazz 2015 and Indielokal's Youtube Channel. Her first song that I listened to is "Ada Disana". The first time I heard her song, I swear to myself I'm gonna find her album. When you saw her on stage, you can see how she enjoys the song she sings, her glow, her honesty, and enjoy the stories behind her lyrics.

6. Incognito 
This British-acid jazz, soul, and funk band was like a magnet on that night, dragging almost all the audiences to watch their stage! The hall was so full with the crowd, and I've had the pleasure of seeing them live, especially in the front row. Best of the best. 


Actually there were more performances I've watched, but I didn't manage to take a single pic because I was too far away from the stage. That was incredibly fun to attend this must-come annual event, even when my feet were already aching from the continuous standing and walking. That's all. See you again in JJF 2018!


(Dibuang sayang) There was a CD booth too! 

Someone's favorite. 

Untitled #1

Lost opportunities, lost possibilities, feelings we can never get back. That's part of what it means to be alive. But inside our heads - at least that's where I imagine it - there's a little room where we store those memories. A room like the stacks in this library. And to understand the workings of our own heart we have to keep on making new reference cards. We have to duct things off every once in a while, let in fresh air, change the water in the flower vases. In other words, you'll live forever in your own private library.


As time goes on, you'll understand. What lasts, lasts; what doesn't, doesn't. Time solves most things. And what time can't solve, you have to solve yourself.


Wasn't it better if they kept this desire to see each other hidden within them, and never actually got together? That way, there would always be hope in their hearts. That hope would be a small, yet vital flame that warmed them to their core - a tiny flame to cup one's hands around and protect from the wind, a flame that the violent winds of reality might easily extinguish.

- 1Q84, Murakami.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Bromo - The A-Team!

Perhaps this is sort of #throwback post. I miss the trip already, when my college-mates and I were planning to go to Malang, on August 2015, tepatnya pas liburan naik tingkat, setelah berpusing-pusing ria menghadapi UAS Blok DMS-SSS waktu itu. So let's just start straightforwardly to the most highlighted-moment : catching sunrise at Mount Bromo! Headed to Bromo at 1 am, while it was still dark & super freezing that I could see my breath! We were brought to the summit by renting a Jeep.

* after we arrived *

The temperatures on Mount Bromo are outright cold at night, I didn't know the exact degree but I guess it's like around 5 celcius? Hats and gloves are important if you wish to survive in the cold, especially in the early-morning. I already worn 3 layers of top (shirt, sweater, and a coat) but it didn't warm me anyway.. The worst part of being so skinny, is that I'm just covered with bone and skin :') and finally my friend rented an additional jacket for me (saking kasiannya liat gue menggigil).

We waited for the sun to rise, for about 3 hours. It was a kind of siksaan buat gue, karena harus sabar menunggu di tempat sedingin itu. Demit. The summit itself was so full of cars and people, it's almost impossible to get a decent view.
Tapi akhirnya, semua siksaan ini terbayar saat matahari mulai terbit..


But still, to be totally honest, I fell in love with Bromo even before I arrived. I had seen pictures of it over the years on the internet, and I knew I'd love it. Subhanallah.

Yan, Zic, Rin, Sya, Gul, Ga, Thaf
Ngapain difoto sih?

A hidden coffeeshop?

I have to admit this publicly. I don't drink coffee, and I never have. *wondering people's expression if they read this confession. Yes, I'm the minority. 
But the fun fact is : I do REALLY love the alluring aroma of freshly brewed coffee, though I can't tolerate the taste, lmfao. I don't mind spending an hour or even more hours in a coffee shop, it's like I'm there paying for the relaxing space and aroma therapy, being away from any distractions (that's the reasons why I love studying alone in coffee shop!), which can result in very productive environment. In short, I just love the smell and the space, not the taste. OK just forget it, this is a prologue only.


I basically found almost every new thing in Instagram, and suddenly I found a stranger posted her photo in a minimalist, wooden, spiral staircase, on my explore page. She puts the coffee shop's name in her photo location, and the name is Nala Coffee, located in TB Simatupang Jaksel, inside an office building (well, this is what makes the shop being a bit hidden). Nala probably has something to do with the minimalist interior, white and wooden wall, and their iconic spiral staircase --- the perfect place yang super instagram-able! Lol.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Jakarta & Its Own Story

#nowplaying Banda Neira - Senja di Jakarta 

Being forced to live in this dynamic & busy city, due to an obligatory reason : this is where my campus is located in.
Jakarta; a typical bustling place that won’t let you feel lonely. Been living here for approximately 2 years, spending my half of college life and i’ve already had quite an indescribable feeling towards this city. 

* 2 years ago *
At the first week of moving here, i remember how i almost cried on the ground of leaving a place where i was raised in, Bogor. Pretty yuck drama? I guess so, remembering that the distance between these two cities is less than a few miles across. But yeah, i had my own reasons, at that time.

And as the time goes by, i slowly began to know some new things of this city profoundly. I found Jakarta to be a city that is nearly impossible for people to fall in love with at the first sight. Perhaps the reasons are stated simply as in itself : Jakarta’s traffic needs zero explanation. No wonder, this could be a major turn-off for all people. I remember how  i got stuck in the middle of the traffic for 2 hours even though the place is only a  few kms away, for God’s sake.. Jakarta’s sprawling cityscape, like the unruly roadways, has reminded me of a hurried game of Tetris, where everything is stacked up and torn down on anywhere-it-is.

But still, i ended up falling in love with the city. Am I insane? I have no idea. I just think that Jakarta… has its own story.  Despite of its quirks and horrible traffics, it doesn't take me a long time to love Jakarta, unconditionally.


// An attempt to find a productive way of using my free time. Mengisi kegabutan. Maafkan atas ketidakjelasan ini. Luv

Wednesday, September 21, 2016


Finally i stopped procrastinating to tidy up my room (Alhamdulillah loh) and got that kinda satisfied feeling of having a nice clean space after it's done. It's been a while since i wanted to do a room tour, but not that common room tour that you often watch on Youtube.. My camera didn't have enough memory spaces to record my whole room and instead, i only took some snaps. 


Disclaimer : this is not like what you're gonna see during the exam weeks. During UTS/UAS, my room will automatically transformed into a huge disaster, literally a huge disaster; papers & notebooks all over the floor, books on my bed, chargers snaking around the room, empty milk boxes & chips package, messy closets, and all the stationaries buried under a mountain of crap.  

Let's get started!
Ini tampak luarnya guys, yuk silahkan masuk. Anggep aja lagi bertamu. 

I snapped this pic using my fish-eye lens, to get a wide look of my room and this is how my room look like. 

Selanjutnya adalah meja kecil-si-penampung-segalanya di sebelah kasur :

Jadi, dia tuh namanya meja serbaguna. Karena apa aja ditaro disini. Di paling atas, gue sering banget naro handphone kalo lagi ngecas dan mau tidur, naro modem, naro tissue, naro hand body, naro bedak, gelas, kacamata, aksesori, obat-obatan bahkan sampai Autan pun gue taro disini. Btw si meja cilik ini punya 2 laci, yuk dah diintip isinya apa. 


Laci pertama (atas) : tempat gue naro segala medical equipment (ceileh). Dari mulai stetoskop, sfigmamometer, minor set, hand-glove, palu reflex, termometer, penlight, spuit yang nggak tau udah kadaluwarsa apa belum, sampe manekin penis buat latihan sirkumsisi (sunatan sis, sunatan). Semuanya ada disini. Pokoknya ini adalah salah satu zona suci di kamar gue, anzay.

Lanjooooot, laci kedua (bawah) : nah ini sebenernya semacam laci serbaguna sih guys. Masalahnya, yang gue taro disini bener2 campur aduk dan nggak tau ada barang apa aja. Dari mulai tempat kacamata, kaos kaki, clutch, boneka patrick hadiah McD (.....), catokan, hair-dryer, laptop Toshiba tersayang, charger, kabel, sampe kantong kresek semuanya ada disini. Jadi intinya, kalo lagi beres-beres dan bingung mau naro barangnya dimana, tinggal tarik si laci ini terus masukin deh, beres!

Nah yuk kita lanjut ke spot berikutnya yaitu meja belajar. Ini dia zona suci kedua gue di kamar (.......).  Kira2 seperti ini lah bentuknya.

Jadi, sebenernya meja belajar ini lebih sering gue pake buat naro buku2 kecil, catetan, kertas hvs, dan whatnots kayak boneka kecil & pajangan aja. Kenapa? Karena gue nggak suka belajar di meja belajar yang ini. Gue lebih suka belajar lesehan di karpet, pake meja lipet & sofa lipet (?) karena lebih empuk dan badan+kaki gue lebih leluasa kesana kemari hehehe..... 

Take a closer look! Ini pajangan2 ter- all time favvvvvvvv :
- Boneka Woody (I bought this at HK Disneyland. Bener2 sayang sama boneka yang satu ini karena emang gemes banget! Pokoknya ini bakalan dibawa kemana2 kayanya, bahkan sampe entar udah punya rumah sendiri (lah)). 
- Boneka cewe di tabung (ini kado dari Chaca, temen sekamar paling tersayang. Gemes banget bonekanya! Dia tau aja kalo gue emang demen naro pajangan gemes di meja belajar hihihihi i love you Cha)
- Boneka Luigi (i bought this at Bugis Junction Singapore. Sebenernya ini tuh bukan Luigi. Ini tuh Mario yang terperangkap dalam kostum Luigi. Dia sebenernya celengan guys, tapi nggak pernah gue isi duit karena emang dari awal gue niat ngejadiin ini sebagai pajangan aja)
- Wood R- Alphabet (i bought this at Typo HK. Dulu waktu pertama ngeliat ini langsung kelewat excited karena emang agak susah dicari dimana2... Dan langsung ngeborong 3 huruf sekaligus huft maavkan)
- Edelweiss in tall sbux cup (karena habis dari Bromo bingung mau naro Bunga Edelweissnya dimana, jadi yaudah deh memanfaatkan cup yang ada. Murmer guys)
- Cap. Itu bukan pajangan guys. Emang gak sengaja kefoto :') itu cap tulisan nama & nrp gue, maklumin lah gue punya jiwa yang sangat kopet & sayang barang bgt..... HEHEHEHE. Jadi, setiap textbook yang gue punya pasti langsung gue kasih cap biar nggak hilang (dan nggak hanya di satu halaman....)

Lanjut ke wall-of-curahan-apa-bae-lah..

Sisi dinding tepat di depan meja belajar ini gue pergunakan buat naro hasil karya gue di saat gue lagi bosen (misalnya, pas ujian kelar, gue suka ngegambar buat nge-refresh otak (+relieving stresses!) & buat nyeimbangin otak biar nggak condong ke left hemisphere pasca-ujian ahahahaha.

Hmm ini apa ya namanya, mading? Bukan sih. Apa ya? Nggak tau ah. Yang jelas, gue suka nempelin bermacam benda di papan ini, dari mulai pin bekas souvenir, kartu nama toko, hang tag tas yang gue beli, foto instax, gantungan ID card kepanitiaan berbagai acara & name tag fakultas, sampe memo berisi kata2 motivasi, peringatan, dll lah pokoknya. Campur aduk gan. 


Nah yang ini adalah post-it planner yang warnanya paling bisa bikin pupil konstriksi tiap saat, warnanya ngejreng bgt sis... Dahulu kala, ekspektasi gue berkata bahwa planner ini bakalan rutin gue ganti setiap bulannya, sebagai reminder di saat gue ada tugas presentasi, jadwal kuliah, tugas organisasi, tugas kepanitiaan dan segala hal penting lainnya. Namun it ended up like this, gue cuma ngeganti setiap mau ujian doang he he he he. 


Selanjutnya kita bergeser sedikit ke rak buku (ZONA SUCI KE-3). hAhAhAhAhA. Guys fyi aja, buku2 yang ada di rak ini sebenernya belum mencakup keseluruhan. Karena keterbatasan ruang, maka terpaksa sisa buku lainnya harus dialihkan ke lemari.. Buku2 yang gue taro di rak ini kebanyakan adalah buku basic kayak fisiologi, anatomi, histologi, embriologi dan ada juga beberapa buku klinis seperti buku Patologi Robbins, IPD (Ilmu Penyakit Dalam) dan Kapsel UI. Sisa2 buku klinis yang lain terpaksa gue pindahin ke dalem lemari, karena yaelah gue mau naro dimana lagi coba???!

Bagian selanjutnya adalah... Rak makanan & minuman. Yaudah sih gitu aja nggak ada yang spesial. Fyi gue nyetok susu ultra plain & cokelat 200ml masing2 satu dus, kalo ada yang mau minta silahkan banget karena giung juga ini lama2, susu nggak kunjung habis.

Kamar mandi, jam dinding, AC, galon dan dispenser. Nggak ada yang spesial. Lanjut 

Nah ini dia yang tadi gue omongin. Spot paling endes buat melakukan segala aktivitas dari mulai bikin catetan, ngerjain presentasi, ngedesign poster buat event, ngegambar, makan, minum, buka internet, dengerin lagu, kepoin orang (lah), main hp sambil ngecas, masak, duh segalanya lah pokoknya. Btw gue sangat merekomendasikan meja lipat ini gengs, sumpah nggak bohong ini enak banget. Jadi kan dulu gue ngeliat temen gue ada yang pake meja lipat ini ya, dan sumpah dong gue langsung tergiur karena.... dia bisa dimiringin gitu, jadi enak kalo lagi pengen belajar nyantai sambil nyender, tinggal miringin mejanya, pasang tangkainya, taro kertasnya, selesai! Dan dia bener2 kuat gitu kaki mejanya, sumpah recommended banget. Beli aja di Informa, tapi harganya lupa maaf hehehe. 

Wall of sweethearts! Foto segala orang yang disayang semuanya ada disini :

Selanjutnya ke lemari baju. Hmmm, apa yang mau diceritain ya. Ya gitu, pokoknya isinya baju kuliah, jas, celana/rok, dan kerudung.

Nah ini sebenernya ada foto lagi, tapi cuma tambahan doang hehehe dibuang sayang. Ini sebenernya tempat buat naro makanan, tapi entah kenapa nyokap gue bilang kalo ini lebih baik dipake buat naro alat kesehatan aja.... OK... Mom. Jadi, kotak makanan ini tuh berisi thermometer (digital ada, raksa ada), 2 palu reflex, penlight, dan spuit (suntikan). Sesungguhnya ini adalah alat2 yang tidak kasat mata..... karena mereka begitu kecil dan mudah nyelempit (bahasa apa ini) di tempat2 tersembunyi. That's why mereka dikurung. Makasih mama <3 p="">

Nah yang ini namanya minor set. Ya begitulah, segala alat untuk bedah-membedah ada semua di sini. Ini kalo nggak salah gue belinya pas blok Dermato-Muskuloskeletal, karena ada station hecting (ngejahit luka) di ujian OSCE. Jadi ya beli aja biar bisa latihan sendiri di kosan. Oh iya, bantalnya juga ada kok, tapi nggak ikut kefoto. Hehehe. 

Selesai sudah room-tour kita kali ini. Ini sepertinya lebih cocok dibilang sebagai bedah kamar, bedah laci, bedah alkes..... Yaudah deh jarang2 juga kan gue posting kayak gini......maaf kalo bahasanya campur aduk yang awalnya english malah lama2 jadi bahasa hahaha :') anyway, thanks for reading! :))

Thursday, September 15, 2016

[MEDICAL-INFO] Clinical Manifestations of Renal Disease

I've been wondering if i could write about the health-concerning article on my blog (just to make sure that my page wasn't just filled with a bunch of crap). Plus, i need a kind of place where i could review all the given lectures and all the things that i've studied, beside of my notebook. Perhaps i'm gonna make a try of it now, started with my current third week-PBL's case at my campus, which discusses about the injury/disorders of kidney & its collecting system.  Here we go!

The clinical manifestations of renal disease can be grouped into reasonably well-defined syndromes. Some are peculiar to glomerular diseases and others are shared by several renal disorders. Before i list the syndromes, a few terms must be defined. 

Azotemia is an elevation of blood urea nitrogen and creatinine levels and usually reflects a decreased glomerular filtration rate (in short, just name it as GFR). GFR may be decreased as a consequence of intrinsic renal disease or extrarenal causes. Prerenal azotemia is encountered when there's a hypoperfusion of the kidneys, which decreases GFR in the absence of parenchymal damage. Postrenal azotemia results when urine flow is obstructed below the level of the kidney. Relief of the obstruction is followed by correction of the azotemia.


1. Nephritic Syndrome results from glomerular injury and is dominated by the acute onset of usually grossly visible hematuria (red blood cells and red cell casts in urine), proteinuria of mild to moderate degree, azotemia, edema (swelling), and hypertension; it's the classic presentation of acute poststreptococcal glomerulonephritis.
2. Nephrotic Syndrome is a glomerular syndrome characterized by heavy proteinuria (excretion of greater than 3.5 g of protein/day in adults), hypoalbuminemia, severe edema, hyperlipidemia, and lipiduria (lipid in the urine)
3. Asymptomatic Hematuria or non-nephrotic proteinuria or a combination of these two, is usually a manifestation of subtle or mild glomerular abnormalities.
4. Rapidly Progressive Glomerulonephritis is associated with severe glomerular injury and results in loss of renal function in a few days or weeks. It's manifested by microscopic hematuria, dysmorphic RBC & RBC casts in the urine sediment, and mild to moderate proteinuria.
5. Acute Kidney Injury (Gagal ginjal akut) is dominated by oliguria or anuria (no urine flow) and recent onset of azotemia. It can result from glomerular injury, interstitial injury, vascular injury, or acute tubular injury.
5. Chronic Kidney Disease (Gagal ginjal kronik) characterized by prolonged symptoms and signs of uremia, is the result of progressive scarring in the kidney from any cause and may culminate in end stage kidney disease, requiring dialysis or transplantation.
6. Urinary Tract Infection is characterized by bacteriuria and pyuria (bacteria and leukocytes in the urine). The infection may be symptomatic or asymptomatic, and it may affect the kidney (pyelonephritis) or the bladder (cystitis) only.
7. Nephrolithiasis (renal stones) is manifested by renal colic, hematuria, and recurrent stones formation.

In addition to these renal syndromes, urinary tract obstruction and renal tumors also commonly present with signs and symptoms related to renal dysfunction and are discussed later.