A hidden coffeeshop?

3:04 PM

I have to admit this publicly. I don't drink coffee, and I never have. *wondering people's expression if they read this confession. Yes, I'm the minority. 
But the fun fact is : I do REALLY love the alluring aroma of freshly brewed coffee, though I can't tolerate the taste, lmfao. I don't mind spending an hour or even more hours in a coffee shop, it's like I'm there paying for the relaxing space and aroma therapy, being away from any distractions (that's the reasons why I love studying alone in coffee shop!), which can result in very productive environment. In short, I just love the smell and the space, not the taste. OK just forget it, this is a prologue only.


I basically found almost every new thing in Instagram, and suddenly I found a stranger posted her photo in a minimalist, wooden, spiral staircase, on my explore page. She puts the coffee shop's name in her photo location, and the name is Nala Coffee, located in TB Simatupang Jaksel, inside an office building (well, this is what makes the shop being a bit hidden). Nala probably has something to do with the minimalist interior, white and wooden wall, and their iconic spiral staircase --- the perfect place yang super instagram-able! Lol.

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