Jakarta & Its Own Story

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Being forced to live in this dynamic & busy city, due to an obligatory reason : this is where my campus is located in.
Jakarta; a typical bustling place that won’t let you feel lonely. Been living here for approximately 2 years, spending my half of college life and i’ve already had quite an indescribable feeling towards this city. 

* 2 years ago *
At the first week of moving here, i remember how i almost cried on the ground of leaving a place where i was raised in, Bogor. Pretty yuck drama? I guess so, remembering that the distance between these two cities is less than a few miles across. But yeah, i had my own reasons, at that time.

And as the time goes by, i slowly began to know some new things of this city profoundly. I found Jakarta to be a city that is nearly impossible for people to fall in love with at the first sight. Perhaps the reasons are stated simply as in itself : Jakarta’s traffic needs zero explanation. No wonder, this could be a major turn-off for all people. I remember how  i got stuck in the middle of the traffic for 2 hours even though the place is only a  few kms away, for God’s sake.. Jakarta’s sprawling cityscape, like the unruly roadways, has reminded me of a hurried game of Tetris, where everything is stacked up and torn down on anywhere-it-is.

But still, i ended up falling in love with the city. Am I insane? I have no idea. I just think that Jakarta… has its own story.  Despite of its quirks and horrible traffics, it doesn't take me a long time to love Jakarta, unconditionally.


// An attempt to find a productive way of using my free time. Mengisi kegabutan. Maafkan atas ketidakjelasan ini. Luv

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