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Hi. It's been a while since I neglected this space. I've been busy with all the tasks that have been given in every single week and boo ya, I am now having my very first midterms in college. While it may seem hard to top the horror stories that spring up around Halloween, many medical students find their midterm exams to be as bone-chilling.. Yeah, the test methods were pretty different from highschool.  I must say, they were such a big deal for all the freshman of medical school. And there seems like a delicate aura of tension surrounding all college students when the proverbial midterm season comes around (lmfao!). Well technically, they are just tests, but there are multitude reasons why it’s different from anything I may have experienced in high school. Calm down, I don't really need to tell very much further about how hectic the midterm week is.

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