The Lava Tour

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Since it erupted in 2010, Merapi has become a tourist object. Many people come to see the view after Merapi's eruption destroyed the village. But however, the village is now rising again. The villagers took the advantage of that condition to mend their life condition. By not giving up to the situation, they finally bounced back from the sorrow caused by the eruption. That's why I decided to take a look at the volcano tour. All the tourists were allowed to use four-wheeled drive vehicles and trail bikes to traverse the volcanic trails.
I headed from the hotel to Merapi by using a Jeep at 5.00. The day began with a frigid morning, with a little bit of wind chill (yes, this is a pretty yuck drama). Then we arrived at Merapi's slope. The sunrise was sharp at 5:15 am. And wow. The views were surreal as the weather stayed really clear. The colors of the sun, the landscapes and the views of the distant mountain kept me dumb struck for a long while.  The clouds also seemed to rise with it making the entire world above seem like a maze of clouds (yay! lol). And yes, I took some photographs.
A little while after, I started my journey to go around the village. I travelled around by renting a trail bike with my brother and visiting the emergency bunker. Have you ever remembered about the accident of Merapi's bunker? One more thing that interesting for the tourist is a bunker where two of safety guards of Merapi were died. At the beginning, the bunker, one of several dotting Merapi's slopes, was designed to provide temporary protection from hot clouds, not from sustained exposure to large amounts of burning volcanic debris. The 2 men were trying to enter the bunker when the hot clouds slide down from the mountain. It's a pity that the bunker was closed with dry lava and volcanic material, so their bodies were burnt inside. The men were helping evacuate a village when a burst of volcanic activity forced them to seek shelter in the bunker.

Then I took a visit to the graveyard of Mbah Maridjan, the caretaker of Merapi. Visiting the village and still be able to see some remains of the Merapi eruption. Countless houses and livestock were destroyed together with farms and forest. It was indeed a surreal and humbling experience standing on the soil blackened with fine black sand ejected from the bowels of the earth by the forceful volcano. There are also a burned car and a motorcycle that become a tourist attraction.

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