Shenzhen and Macau

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I've been really busy with my random personal stuff (you know, being a 12th grader, especially in recent days is like an ultra-dizzy month. Started from the preparation for those admission tests until those unnecessary things I’ve done) that I feel like I've neglected this space so much! Anyway, it would be fun to tell about my abroad trip. My dad decided to plan this trip last month and hoping this will be as great as the previous trip. But so sad that my sister couldn’t join us. She entered her second month of pregnancy. It’s ok.. Daddy shall plan the next family trip very soon & make sure all of us are participating!
Day 1 : Jakarta-Singapore-HK-Shenzhen
We travelled by Singapore Airlines and that’s why we should take a transit for about 2 hours in Changi Airport. Then, we continued to going to Hong Kong International Airport. Straight from the airport, we went to the bus terminal to continue our trip to Shenzhen. Thank God that the weather was awesome. It was really exhausting, but until we arrived at Shenzhen, we went straight to the Yijia Hotel (where we stayed at) and took some rests to be saved in the next day.
Day 2 : Window of the World, Splendid China
We touched down in the morning, headed to Window of the World in Shenzhen. It opened from 9 am to 11:30 pm daily. The theme park was divided into several areas, namely The World Square, The Area of Asia, The Area of Oceanic, The Area of Europe, The Area of Africa, The Area of America, The Sculpture Park, and The International Street. Among all the areas, I liked the Area of Europe the most. It was a sunny day and that was BEYOND SUNNY. I almost pingsan bcs you know badan gue ringkih bgt kalo cuacanya jd panas trs mendadak dingin gitu heu. The entrance gate leads to a big open air theatre. The theatre is surrounded by structures and relief walls that represent the civilization of the world. There are more than 80 different sculptures replicas of the attractions or iconic buildings around the world. We can't name them one by one. We took more than 2 hours to walk around the theme park. We bought the Eiffel Ticket (we were picked up to the top of Eiffel replica by a lift then we could see the view of Shenzhen from the top). Many of the replicas looked good and real, while some of them were not (especially for Borobudur Temple replica, I thought "ewww I have seen the better and best one in my own country" lol). Sign of lack of maintenance was obvious in some of the area of the park as well. Overall, the theme park made us felt like we were in a small world, with all the building, structures and sceneries around us were small. Next destination was Splendid China. You know, there was filled by all Chinese-things. I was a bit bored there but luckily the show got me so excited. 

view from the top

Day 3 : Macau
We took a ferry to Macau from Shenzhen and luckily I didn’t throw up. Welcome to the city of Casino! I must say, Macau was so beautiful. The architecture of some buildings were so Europe-ish. We headed to Ruins of St. Paul, it was a historical site and we managed to take some memorable photos of us (including the selfie!) during Macau trip. Well, I will make sure the little detail of love will be taken in our future family trip & hopefully a family group photo can be taken as well (with my sister too). At 4pm, we went to The Venetian. I must say it’s quite a replica of The Venetian at Las Vegas, California, USA. Likewise for both, big shopping gallery, and the same ol’ grand canal and gondola ride. Because it was only one day-city trip, we couldn’t afford to visit too many different tourist spots. 

I decide to divide my trip posts into two parts. Keep on reading my next fourth and fifth day in Hong Kong post! :)

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